Brownie points

It’s not my fault I don’t like the crust on bread, don’t eat peas, and need somebody to peel apples for me.

Okay, it is, but it made for a great headline.

I grew up as an only child, and whenceforth the only daughter of my father. I think there is some innate sneakiness in fathers that causes them to want just a few more brownie points in their daughters’ lives than the mothers earn.  So Dad wouldn’t make me eat the crust on bread.

Mom picked up on this whole brownie point underhanded shady business, and she didn’t make me eat the crust on bread, either.

So Dad peeled the crust off the bread for me.

Mom wasn’t going that far.

Dad didn’t make me eat peas.  Neither did Mom, so Dad had to do one better.  He made up a story about how peas were really watermelons and we were giants.  He got me to eat peas that way.  He was proud he got me to eat peas.  And it didn’t work when he wasn’t there to tell the story.  Dad was proud of that.  Mom tried the story, once.  I need to think of a nice way to say “abject failure”.

Dad peeled apples for me.  Mom peeled apples for me, too.  But Dad peeling apples was more special.

Sorry, Mom.

But she got it.  It was just too hard to compete against Dad.  Dad-daughter thing.  She was sure to lose all brownie points for any activity that Dad could do too.

She could have just turned in her peas and apples and bread slices.  But she didn’t.

Instead, she turned a new page on the brownie point scoreboard.

–And hosted pink tea parties for me on the sundeck.

. . . . . . . . Dad lost that one.

Sometimes parents earn brownie points to get approval from their finicky kids, but there isn’t one of us who can ever earn enough brownie points to get approval from God.  God’s not finicky.  He knows right and wrong and He’s not going to change His mind about it.  So God’s approval of sinners can only be by grace–not brownie points–grace given by His Son, to those willing to receive it as a gift.

There are a few people that God has chosen by his grace. And if he chose them by grace, it is not for the things they have done. If they could be made God’s people by what they did, God’s gift of grace would not really be a gift. (Romans 11:5b-6, NCV)


Blogger’s note:  I try to stay very true to real life in my blogs, to give an authentic look at my life.  Occasionally I think so hard on a memory for accuracy that I wear my brain out!  But this little entry is skewed to be funny.  The events are true, but the whole competition thing . . kinda made up.  Kinda.

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