But why didn’t the animals attack each other or Noah and his family?

Animals that didn’t get along with each other were probably placed in separate cages.  Since God gave Noah enough wisdom to construct a huge boat when nothing of that kind had ever been built before, it would make sense that God also gave Noah wisdom about animals.  No doubt, he had to know about animals dietary needs to store enough of the right kinds of food, so why wouldn’t he have had knowledge about animal behaviors, too?  Noah may have been the first zoologist!

The Bible tells us animals weren’t afraid of people until after the flood.

Carnivores were probably already eating animals at this point, but they could have lived in separate cages or pens from herbivores.  Many friendly herbivores could have been placed together, much as we see them coexist peacefully in national parks.  Care would probably have been taken to separate smaller animals from larger ones to keep them from getting squished in the small space!

The most important factor to remember when thinking about Noah’s Ark is that God was the designer and protector.  God could have intervened and simply commanded the animals to peace with each other during their time on the ark.  This is the God who shut lion mouths when Daniel was stuck in a den with them (Daniel 6).  And this is a God who made a lion stand by a donkey without eating it (1 Kings 13:24-28).  Nothing is too hard for God.  And I am not ashamed to believe that my God, who was raised from death, could give harmony to a gazelle and a lion as they were called aboard to the ark and even during their time on it if He wanted to.

God remembered Noah and all the wild and domestic animals with him in the ship. So God made a wind blow over the earth, and the water started to go down. (Genesis 8:1, GW)


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