Can God seriously expect people to be perfect in this world?

We all seriously expect that if someone wants to live in our city they must live to my standard of perfection.  That is, no murdering, at the very least.  And most of us probably don’t want vandalizing or stealing, either.

But if we can seriously expect that of each other, and yet you and I do not even own the city, what can the Creator of the world expect of its inhabitants?

In theory, the idea of allowing imperfection at first sounds very appealing to the imperfect (like me).  I used to like to watch sitcoms, reality shows, and movies about imperfect characters who through their imperfections achieved something ‘wonderful’.  But is this really real?  Does this really happen in any of our lives?  Are our lives wonderful because of our sin?  Mine certainly isn’t.  All sin has ever brought me is fleeting pleasure, followed by guilt, darkness, loneliness, and regret–and that’s what it’s brought me.  What about the pain, injustice, and trouble my sin have brought others?

God can be expected to not allow people controlled by the will to hurt other people into Heaven.  The bad news is, all of us grow up controlled by that very will.  The good news is, while God can seriously expect people to be perfect, in His grace He gives us a way to be perfect through Himself.  Jesus Christ came and died for our sin so that our will towards sin could be destroyed, and He rose as our High Priest to cover us forever in His nature.

Christ himself suffered for sins once. He was not guilty, but he suffered for those who are guilty to bring you to God. (1 Peter 3:18ab, NCV)