Ten Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Happy couple in love

1.  Make a dessert out of his favorite flavor (i.e., chocolate, peanut butter, orange). It doesn’t have to be hard; cake mix deserts (cakes or cookies) are very simple and can be made more special (see supercook.com).

2. Ask him about his day, and interact with him about it. Encourage him in any ways he’s discouraged. Affirm him in any successes that God brought his way. If he’s not ready to open up about his day, you can still greet him at the door with a hug and a kiss (and maybe cookies).

3. Every once in a while, when you pass by him in the house, reach out and touch his arm with a smile, give him a pat on the back, or tell him something you admire about him. (Make sure not to ask for something after this or he may question your motives!)

4. Buy him a new shirt (you can find them at thrift shops for a few dollars). Or, for an act of service, put away his out-of-season wardrobe (i.e., winter clothes) and hang up the new season’s clothes for him.

5. Put a few pieces of his favorite kind of candy into his lunchbox. Or write a note telling him something you respect about him and slip it into his lunchbox when he isn’t looking. (For a variation, put a note in his coat or pants’ pocket the night before-but be sure to tell him the next evening if he hasn’t found it!)

6. Once in a while, invite him to sit down and relax while you clean up dinner, get the house ready for guests, or vacuum.

7. Encourage him to spend a weekend at a men’s retreat or go on a travel adventure for guys. If he’s interested in taking a mission trip, support his time preparing. In all cases, help him save the money needed.

8. Instead of going out for a date, offer to cook a meal. Even if you don’t cook, you can pick up a meal to go and set candles out on the table. Buy or make a special place mat for your husband, and sprinkle it with heart confetti.

9. Invest time in your husband’s interests. Does he want to go back to school? It would probably mean a lot to him for you to do a little research on his options. Is he a good writer? Tell him so and do a few extra chores or errands so he can have time to write. Does he like to fish? Go fishing with him, and try not to catch more than him. 🙂

10. Make a list of several things your husband does that you admire each day. At the end of a week, surprise him with the list in his lunchbox or read it to him (and the kids) at dinner. If your husband’s job is flexible and his personality is amicable for such a surprise, you could even drop in on him at work to drop off the list and his favorite snack.

These ideas are each based on Dr. Emerson Eggerich’s Love & Respect and one or more love languages from Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages series. Even if a few of these ideas don’t work well with your spouse, others should based on his or her personal love language.

You are so handsome, my love, pleasing beyond words! (Solomon 1:16a, NLT)