The Miracle of God

Why are we here?

Whatever our worldview, we wonder.

Why is there the miracle of us?

A father holds his newborn daughter close for the first time, and he recognizes her worth.  He is not satisfied to hold her once and never see her again; rather he wants to spend the rest of his life learning who she is.  He wants to hear her first laugh.  He wants to see her roll over for the first time.  He wants to teach her how to ride her bike without training wheels.  He doesn’t want to miss a single goal she scores at her soccer games.  He can’t wait to come home from work and catch her in his arms as she runs to him.  He wants to teach her how to drive.  He wants to to be the first she tells when she has fallen in love.  He wants to talk with her over breakfast at the McDonald’s near her college dorm.  He wants to be on the front row when she graduates.  He wants to help her move over the weekend.  He wants to visits where she works and see how she’s doing.  Throughout her life, he seeks her out.  He sees the miracle of who she is.  He can never learn enough about the miracle of his daughter.  And he instinctively seeks to protect the miracle of who she is for as long as he lives.

We know the miracle of us–and not just us collectively, but as the irreplaceable identities of those we love most.  You don’t have to be “religious” to believe in miracles.  Anyone who has ever loved a parent, bonded with a sibling, found a best friend, fallen in love, raised a child, or met a new grandchild knows the miracle of us.

We know the miracle of us.

But we miss the miracle of GOD.

Either because we don’t want Him to exist, or because we’re troubled by His existence, or because we take His existence for granted, we miss the miracle of GOD.

Why is GOD here?

Why is it that God is?  Why is it that He has always been and always will be?

Why isn’t there only the emptiness of unimaginable nothing?

What if God wasn’t?  What if He didn’t exist?

No Creator.  But far more would be lost than the Heavens and the earth.

No Redeemer.  But far more would be lost than our souls.

Without GOD, it isn’t only that redemption, and then creation rewinds.  It isn’t even only that there is no possibility for redemption or creation.  Go further back, deeper still, and you see that you would not want to be created and you would not even know what redemption is if GOD was gone.

The worst possible loss if GOD did not exist is not the loss of Heaven, nor our world, nor those we most love, nor ourselves.  The most unbearable, most unfathomable loss is the loss of the nature of GOD.

It is not just that the existence of me has value only because of the nature of GOD.  Though that’s true, I have just scratched the surface of what the loss of the nature of GOD would be like.

If God were to depart, His nature departs–the one and only nature that loves without causation.

The one and only nature that loves without causation.

I cannot love without causation.  Look again at the father who loves the daughter he holds close to his chest.  He loves her because she is born to him.  He loves her because she is beautiful.  He loves her because of who she will become.  He does not; he cannot love her without cause.

Only GOD can love without cause.

He created us because He loved us without cause.  He brought us into existence without any reason we could give Him to do so and without any need within Himself needing to be filled, or even any desire awaiting fulfillment.

We love each other because we know each other.  God loved us when we were not (we did not exist).

We love each other because we need each other.  God loved us without need (nothing in His nature required Him to create us).

We love each other most of all because we desire each other.  A father longs for a little daughter to hold in his arms.  A teenage girl longs for a lover to hold her through the night.  A stooped-over feeble woman in a nursing home longs for a nurse to smile at her and say her name. But God does not desire us because of anything He is lacking.  He loves us without any “filling” or “fulfilling” of Himself.

I am getting in deep, deeper than my little brain can handle.  I ask myself, Can I imagine creating something I had no need, no hunger to create simply for the benefit of the creation?

Could I paint a picture not for who I would give the picture to, or for what I would get out of making the picture or of seeing the finished product . . but could I paint a picture simply for the joy of the painting’s joy?  Could I paint a picture for the sake of the painting?  Could I paint a picture so the painting itself could see itself as in existence, beautiful, and loved?

Certainly I can’t do that, because I can’t create a painting that has consciousness.

eye creative commons use

But that is how God created me.

He did not know Teej.  I did not appear to Him in eternity past and plead for Him to create me.  I was not.  There was nothing in me that could advocate for my existence for there was no me.

He did not need Teej.  Not for one breath of my existence has He needed me.  When I was still a thought to Him, before He began the work of knitting me, crocheting my tiny feet and hands and deep green eyes, He did not need me even in imagination.  I had nothing to offer that would make His existence better or more enjoyable.  My worship of Him was always irrelevant to His fulfillment.  He was always fulfilled.  He never needed me.

He did not even have an unfulfilled desire for Teej.  Had He not made me, had He never even imagined me, He would have been as perfectly complete as He is now, with no less peace or joy or love.  He had every bit of everything He wanted without me.  The Trinity itself is the complete perfection of peace, joy, and love.  Not one person could be added to God’s life to make Him more delighted or more radiant or more glorified.


When I do something good, I get a feeling from it.  I think of how God will be proud of me, or how happy someone will be with me.  But it isn’t like this with God.  God is already living in the perfection of good.  He did not get a feeling from creating me that He couldn’t have had if He hadn’t created me.  He was 100% already, it was me He was thinking about.

It was me He was thinking about.

He thought me up for me.

He gave me my first little breath for me, not for Him.

It is the miracle of GOD.

God did not create me to glorify Him for His Sake.  He created me to glorify Him for my sake.

He knew that I am GOD-created and He is GOD.  He knew that I must need Him; I must desire Him to be fulfilled.  He knew that without Him, it was me who could not fill my need, me who could not fulfill my desire, me who would struggle forever with the Hell of not knowing Him.

So He created me to live by Him.

He did not create me to be off by myself.  When He woke my first mother, Eve, from the rib of Adam, He did not vanish before she came into consciousness.  The First Being who Eve knew was GOD.  It was GOD who walked her to Adam, like a father walks his daughter down the aisle.  It was GOD who visited every day in the Garden.  It was GOD who always watched her from above, who knew every strand of her hair that blew in the wind and every blade of grass that touched her toes.

But now, now is the part where I do not know how to begin.

The creation . . yes.  I can almost try to pretend I understand that kind of love, though I’ve never loved anyone without wanting or needing something back for myself.

But the redemption . . no.  How can I even try to write about this?  It’s like a toddler trying to write a book on calculus.  I will explain what little I can only by the grace of God.

We turned from God.  And if you’re a believer, you understand that God did not have to get us back; He did not need us.  But here is the part even believers can miss: He did not want us back for His own sake, either.

Plant, Creative Commons UseIt is not that God wanted us for His glory.  This is a misconception, I think.  We are made for His glory–it is the only possible state we can be what we are meant to be.  It would be like supposing a plant could have a purpose without the sun.  Without glorifying Him, we have no purpose.  And our existence is as grave and morbid as that of a plant without the sun.  Have you ever put a plant in a closet for a few days?  Go back and look at it.  The result is horrifying.  In the same way, if we cut ourselves off from worshiping God, we are horrifying.  We are made for God’s glory.

But God does not require us or even desire us to fulfill worship of Him.  Do you realize that, when we fell, God did not seek to fulfill some “glory deficiency” by redeeming us?  If the sun were to seek out a plant that was in a closet, and bring it back out, it would not be for the sake of the sun.  The plant would need the sun, and its purpose would once again be fulfilled once it was out of the closet.  But the sun has just as much purpose whether that little plant is rotting away in the closet or out thriving in the soil.

God does not need beings to worship Him.  Beings need to worship Him.  Let us stop to look at the difference here, and try to understand it.  We are like the plant; we cannot survive without the sun.  He is like the sun; He will be who He is, He will do as He does with or without us, and what happens to us is of no significance to who He is or what He can do.  In other words, He can be everything He is meant to be and do everything He wants to do and He is completely fulfilled without us.

It is the nature of GOD.


If creating without need or even fulfillment of desire is incredible, what is redemption?


The miracle of GOD!

I wish I knew how to say this in a way that would show how magnificent, how marvelous, how mega-terrific GOD is!  GOD chose to create us, knowing we would sin, knowing He would have to die for us, not to fulfill something within Himself, BUT TO FULFILL US, WE WHO DID NOT EVEN YET BEGIN TO EXIST!


Look back over your life, every sin.  Whatever bad you have ever done, do you realize that God has allowed you to live, to do this bad, FOR THE SAKE OF SALVATION?  That is, every sin God has ever allowed me to do in this life–and I have done many, and many of them very grave–He has allowed me to do out of the graciousness of His nature because He wants me, and all the people who I influence (good or bad) to come to Him, FOR MY SAKE.

In the same way, every bad thing that has ever been done to me–whether it was partially my fault or not whatsoever my fault directly (though, indirectly, my participation in humanity’s sin nature contributes to everyone’s sin)–every bad thing that has ever been done to me was allowed by God because He has chosen for ME to have existence and He has chosen for every person who has harmed me to have existence!  (If I feel angry about this, I am not remembering that God has given me existence despite all the harm I have done to others who He has given existence.)

God has not allowed the bad things that happen in my life to happen because they somehow improve His existence.  Rather, He has allowed them to happen because my existence is more important to God than my sin!

MY EXISTENCE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO GOD THAN MY SIN, not because of His desire for me, but His desire for me to have Him!!

We need to realize that God has graciously chosen to give us existence despite every horrible thing He knew that we would ever do.  And He has graciously chosen for those to exist who have hurt us, despite every horrible thing He knew that they would do to us.  He has done this so that we could know Him and live with Him forever for our sakes!

Even as believers, when we do things for the sake of our Father, Lord, King, and Master Jesus Christ, do you realize that the things we do for Him reflect back to us because we are using the mirror of His love?  In other words, we do things for Jesus because He gave Himself for us.  So anything we do for Him is a reaction of His love for us and is actually an outflow of His love for us!  So whenever we act in love for Him, it is really an example of Him loving us!

The miracle of GOD.

The miracle of GOD.

The miracle of GOD.

You are living in the miracle of GOD.

Hand Creative Commons UseYou are living right now because of the miracle of GOD.  He brought you into existence.

And you can live forever in the Presence of GOD, face to face with GOD!!, despite the evil within you, because of the miracle of GOD.

He seeks to redeem you.

“. . the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

(Jesus, quoted from Luke 19:10, NLT, see the story Luke 19:1-10)


Photograph of father and daughter by Carly Lesser and Art Drauglis

Photograph of eye by Stella Dauer

Photograph of plant by Anasararojas

Photograph of hand in the light by Yorkville

Photographs under Creative Commons License.