Oil, Smoil

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop is one of my favorite retro cartoons.  (I got my “retro cartoon watching” from my daddy.)

Only 17 episodes of Penelope were ever made, but the reruns are still shown today on Boomerang.

The concept of the show was not particularly original: an orphaned heiress (Penelope) is in “perpetual peril” by a villain who wants her money.  While the concept wasn’t anything to write home about, the twist was: Penelope, at some point in her life, had made friends with the “Anthill Mob”, seven tiny men who had dedicated themselves to protecting her.

The Anthill Mob have a wholehearted commitment to Penelope.  While they weren’t always successful at rescuing her (and she had to rescue herself), they always gave it their all.  Sometimes, they’d rescue her only to end up in the same predicament.  They’d be the ones who’d fall off the cliff or get exploded into the air.  Although they cared about themselves, their first focus was always protecting Penelope.

In one episode, while they’re digging a tunnel to get into the house where Penelope is trapped, they strike oil.

“What a time to strike oil,” one of them says.

“Oil, smoil,” another says.  “We’ve got to find Penelope.”

Not one of them is worried about the billions of dollars they could make.  They get off the oil fountain as soon as they can and go back to their digging.

The story never tells why the Anthill Mob decided to give their lives in service to Penelope.  But they for sure have no desire to back out.

It makes me wonder . . how does my love for God compare?  God is never in any danger . . but billions of lost people around the world are . . and God calls His followers to bring more followers.  We are a family with a Father who will adopt anyone and everyone who comes to Him in the name of His Son.

What am I willing to do for God?

If there was an oil well shooting up from the ground that could be mine . . would I give up the chance to become an instant billionaire for the opportunity to follow God instead?

Will I recklessly follow God wherever He leads me?  Or will I just . . hope someone else hears His call?

I want to be part of an Anthill Mob for God.

Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the LORD your God. (1 Chronicles 22:19, NIV)

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